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Do all the products have soy in them?

No, only our grain crunch cereals, bar-meals and cookie-meals contain soy.

If there are concerns with soy:

Nutrient uses soy protein in many products. It’s a high quality plant protein that's been in the human food system for over 5,000 years. Our science team views it as a smart choice for important amino acids. There hasn’t been anything scientifically founded that links soy to breast cancer or other health concerns for women. Many think that soy is inflammatory, but just the opposite is true. Women consuming a high-soy diet experienced improvements in key markers of inflammation. 


There are many types of soy protein. Nutrient only utilizes the highest non-GMO quality available. That means the soy protein utilized contains only naturally occurring amino acids. All other compounds have been removed. Soy products are rich in antioxidants and provide a high-quality amino acid (protein) profile.