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How does Nutrient Survival defend your body?

First Responder: Your Body. Nutrients help empower your cells to defend, heal and perform so your body can reach its highest level of strength to protect you.

Build Immunity Defense. Nutrients are the most critical component in a strong immune system. They strengthen your microbiome, are full of antioxidants, and are anti-inflammatory, all of which promote healthy cells that protect us throughout our lives.

Fight Free Radicals. Your body is attacked daily by free radicals every day, leading to oxidative stress. Nutrients defend you from these attacks.

Boost Muscle Over Fat. Muscles heal, perform and stay strong with nutrients. High calorie, nutrient-deplete foods promote fat over muscle.

Optimize Energy, Naturally. Your body is designed to provide sustained natural energy with nutrients. Empty calories with artificial ingredients trigger a quick energy jolt but the after-crash kills your performance.

Sharpen Focus, Reduce Stress. Your brain is your body's biggest user of nutrients. Nutrient dense foods dramatically impact your mental well-being, sleep, and happiness, leading to improved focus and reduced stress and anxiety.

Thrive & Live Long. Studies suggest that 80% of chronic diseases are avoidable by implementing lifestyle changes, one of which is eating a nutrient dense diet.* If we defend our bodies with nutrients, only then will we learn the true limits of human longevity.